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Vitruvivien™ -- Creative Photoart

Vitruvivien™ is unique dual and triple-exposition creative and interactive photoart by art-photographer Fred Kuhne. There are 10 prints of full scale 1:1 Vitruvivien™ available for purchase while half profit will be donated to UNICEF.

Vitruvivien™, in Online Exhibition
Vitruvivien is now viewable also in online exhibition. Third coming will be in 2011 and will be released with new Eve as well.

Vitruvivien™, The Second Coming is released! 10 Pieces limited
Vitruvivien 2 All prints are unique, no two are the same. The only public available preview is different from all of them.
Printed 1:1 life-size on high resolution canvas 180-210cm x 150-170cm (up from previously announced 170x150cm) Vitruvivien is going to dominate Your house, gallery or VIP conference hall.
Second Vitruvivien™ will be configurable after purchase, before print is made. This will allow You, in limited range, adapt print and chose face expression and way nudity is or is not covered to what Your like the most from 10 available versions.
For all questions please use contact page, order Your own here.
Technical details: Vitruvivien is printed in 144dpi (extrapolated from 96dpi photo). Print is water, dust and UV light resistant, estimated life time of print is over 100 years when not exposed to direct sunlight. Recommended minimum viewing distance is thanks to extreme resolution only 1 meter.

Vitruvivien™, The Girl of Second Coming
I am happy to Introduce You Vitruvivien™ Number Two. After hearing many comments on first version, I agreed that perfection is the word best describing Vitruvian Man as Leonardo meant it. Vitruvivien™ should and again will be no exception. Most voters also favored blonde hair color since it is how are often biblical and historical women portrayed. Therefor this time You cannot chose hair color but there will be more options in expression and finalizing of the print.
Girl will again not be edited or faked and will be shown with all realism canvas can only take.

Vitruvivien™, The First Coming (2000)
Five different prints 120-150x150cm of first Vitruvivien™ were released in 2000 to celebrate millenium. Half profit was donated to UNICEF, donation certificate is part of validity certificate received with the print.
All art on this online studio is ©Fred Kuhne 1988-2009. Any reuse, reprint or public presentation requires written permission.
Please use Imprint and contact page in this case or any issues or questions related to website. On wish fine art photography: Desire Art. In germany are Fred's prints available by Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart