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Vitruvivien™ 2, the Gallery

Here is little sneak preview of Vitruvivien™ 2. Please remember that all configuration and details, as well as more detailed previews are available only for art collectors before purchase. If You are interested in your own print from limited 10 pieces release, order Your one here while available. Any questions You might have please direct to our contact e-mails.


By Vitruvian man work, Leonardo meant perfection. My goal was nothing less. Vitruvivien is perfect in every detail. It is one of the most complex and unique photo art ever made. Vitruvivien #1 was controversial, fresh and rather aggressive beauty combined with ever lasting classic of Leonardo's artwork. It was passionately accepted on one side and denied with maybe same furore on other side. Vitruvivien #2 takes all the goods form #1 and adds those few bits here and there to make it my best work ever. Simple and complex, dark and bright, aggressive and cute, raw and perfected all at the same time.
There is nothing which You can hate, even if You are raised by second step father with military background before being sent to catholic school. Vitruvivien will dominate every place it will be in and convert empty room to home of art, classic and appreciation of beauty of human kind.

Chapter 1, Changes

For first time, artwork combines classic with all the best what today digital world can offer. For first time, You can see print which is so perfect, that it removes all discussion about technology behind it. It is seamless perfection in every detail and huge milestone from now eight years old #1.
Here are few most visible changes compared to #1
  • Size: #1 was huge, but it was still just "a print". #2 is not only insanely huge, it is also 1:1. Centimeter on canvas represents centimeter on reality. It cannot get better than that.
  • Canvas: printed on high resolution canvas with long lasting strong colors, huge contrast and amazing details. Canvas is whitened using only natural products but whole printing and archiving process makes it last for over 100 years.
  • Real: in today synthetic world I still believe in natural beauty. Vivien is not faked or artificially improved, still there is nothing you cannot love on that print.
  • Choices: now You can choose background and other properties best matching your taste and placement requirements.
  • Unique: only ten prints of Vitruvivien #2 are made. All of them have different face expression and very slightly differ in pose too.
  • Tripple equal expositions: Two captures of the girl and one capture for background taken with same camera, same lens and with the same setting makes sure that everything looks as real as it gets. Art doesn't mean it it should not be perfect also from technical side.
  • Highly detailed: more information follows shortly

Chapter 2, The Girl

Biblically iconic and as beautiful as a girl without help of Photoshop can only be, Vivien will put light into Your room and catches not only eyes but hearts of people around.
There are ten different face expressions available to chose from. Each capture have also slightly different pose as they are completely different images (not just head redrawn).

Chapter 3, Background

For the first time, You can choose background best matching your environment. High detailed work spanning over 20 hours makes sure that both Vivien captures are pixel-perfect matched with background to create seamless image so You will not notice any artefacts or inconsistencies.
Any background can be combined with any face expression. Available backgrounds:
A - Papyrus Uneven highly textured background with writings and remarks, most similar to original Leondardo's work. Geometry shapes are painted on the background.
B - Techno Wires, rails, concrete are theme of the techno background. Geometry shapes are real metal objects.
C - Art Geometry shapes are hand painted with paint brush on canvas with interesting shadow game.
D - Canvas Simple single color canvas with printed geometry shapes. Very clean and simple looking result.
E - Ghetto Gray, deeply shadowed and complicated concrete wall with geometry shapes spray painted.
F - Tree of life Tree of life known from Vitruvivien #1. Geometry shapes are glass effects done in post processing.
G - Mirror Geometry shapes are painted on mirror which barely reflects female photographer with huge medium format camera on tripod in church like environment.
H - Custom Background can be done on your wish. From single color to extreme ideas.

Chapter 4, Sizes

Vivien is in reality little over 160cm tall. That makes smallest possible print little over 180cm high. Small size changes vary depending on background and can be with limited possibilities adapted to your needs (frame, gallery fittings).

Chapter 5, Resolution and details

Artwork is printed at 144dpi resolution extrapolated from 96dpi high resolution slide. That makes sharpest single dot about 0.2mm large (or 0.3mm before printer matching). Thanks to this new technology and very eye pleasing texture on canvas is absolute closeup viewing possible. Recommended viewing distance is between 1 and 5 meters (to avoid need to pan Your head). On other side, print is so huge that even from 50 or more meters it grabs your eyes instantly.

Example of the original source at 96dpi. If Your monitor have typical resolution 100dpi, it is about as big as You will see on the print, real life size.
All art on this online studio is ©Fred Kuhne 1988-2009. Any reuse, reprint or public presentation requires written permission.
Please use Imprint and contact page in this case or any issues or questions related to website. On wish fine art photography: Desire Art. In germany are Fred's prints available by Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart